Red Input Channels

Hi there fellow Cubase users

I have a problem that I have not been able to solve.

I have done a recording of the drums using Cubase. Now I want to mix them using the Mixer.

The problem is all the faders on the mixer are RED and I cannot see any signals on the fader. Also, I cannot use the fader to control the levels.

I simply want to mix the drums but cant.

Is there a simple solution??

I tried to ask on Facebook but everyone is talking another language.

Thank You

Those faders with the Red cap are input and output faders.
Use the white ones, Channel faders, maybe they are hidden.
But I could be wrong, as you don’t write what type of Cubase you are using.
Elements, Artist or Pro ?

I am using Cubase Elements 10.

Create as many audio tracks as you have drum signals.

Assign the input of each audio track to be the physical inputs where you have the drums connected.

Record all those tracks and play drums

Are you hearing it twice when you record?

Then turn down the cubase mixer faders on your newly created audio tracks when you record. (Not the red ones - leave them at 0 normal position)