Red Marker On Console Meter?

Quick query - what’s the red dot all about in the attached image? Its on the Channel Meter on the RHS of the image. The Channel is a Group. Two guitar tracks routed to it. It gets a smaller dot just above it in time with the peaks.

Can’t find anything about it in the manual and never noticed it before. Is it a graphics glitch or some meter function I’m missing?
Red Channel Dot.jpg

It’s gain reduction from your Channel strip dynamics insert! [emoji5]


Cheers, that would be it then!!

I’ve just upgraded from LE4 to 8 in one jump - so there’s quite a bit of functionality to catch up on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, man! I’m almost jealous… You’re in for a treat (as long as it’s stable for you).

Check out the Hidden Features thread here in General forum.

Yeah, stability is good so far. All my hardware is working well with it and I’ve had no real problems, I got it the first weekend it came out along with a significantly upgraded PC, so I’ve been like a kid in a sweet shop for the last three weeks!!