Redeem download access code

I scrapped my old computer without transferring my old files of Cubsae 10-5 over.
So l don’t have any reference to the codes, so l can setup my new computer.
I have tried using “chat help” without success, so l can’t access a product that l have bought and my reluctant to buy a second Cubase?
Many thanks if you can help me.

Install Steinberg Download Assistant, then install the correct edition of Cubase 10.5 using Steinberg Download Assistant.

If your licence was on a USB eLicenser, plug in the USB eLicenser. If your licence was on a soft eLicenser, use the Reactivate function on the Products → Show eLicenser-based Products page of My Steinberg to get a new code - you cannot reuse the original one.

If your licence was on a soft eLicenser and doesn’t appear on My Steinberg then you will need to contact Support.

Many thanks, l will give it a go.