Redeemed product Cubase 11 Artist has disappeared from Download Assistant

I have registered, licensed by USB dongle etc and been happily downloading and installing my newly purchased redeemed product, Cubase 11 Artist, via the Download Assistant. After successfully installing the first dozen or so downloads, the rest failed to download for an unexplained reason, and I was asked to retry later. Those packages I have downloaded run successfully as apps. So I logged out. When I tried Download Assistant a couple of hours later, my Cubase 11 Atrist “redeemed product” doesn’t show any more, even though I am registered, logged in etc etc. How do I get back to a Download Assistant screen which has the correct status for all of my downloads. At present it looks as if it has never seen me before which is frankly, not great!

are you logged in - in the download assistant ?

Hi there, yes I am thanks

Presumably you mean logged in in the top right hand corner: My Account?

Am I supposed to enter my download access code every time I start the Download Assistant, or does it know who I am when I log in to My Account?

Have you just sent me a new activation code??

I used the new code just sent through, and the Elicenser told me it had already been used!

no :slight_smile:

Either way - it doesn’t matter if they are in your ‘redeemed product’ section - just look further down the list and find the cubase section.

The licence is on your USB key NOT in the download assistant

Thanks…I can see all versions of Cubase when I look further down…when I look at Cubase 11 Artist I get the original download screen inviting me to download every package even though I’ve already go the first dozen or so, and the are already running!

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excellent - I’ll mark this solved ?

Hi…not quite! it isn’t solved…I don’t want to download everything again especially when thay are multi Gb files in some cases…just those that I couldn’t download this morning…and I’d really like to be able to see the screen with the green boxes and ticks that I was happily using earlier…pls advise how I get back to that screen in the Assistant. Thanks

you only have to download the stuff you didn’t download earlier ?

If you haven’t moved the original install files (?) then it should know what has been downloaded.

I haven’t moved anything…and it offers me every single download again… I’d upload a screen shot so you can see…can I do that?

yes - you can upload a screenshot.

either way just take a look at what you have downloaded and then just select for download that you don’t have.

You can see in the screen shot that I have just reinstalled Analog Techno…which I did earlier this morning…and the Assistant seems to think everything about that hasn’t been downloaded yet…

why not take a look at what has been downloaded ? would be quicker I suspect

what happens when you try to download (again) one you already downloaded.

In my experience the Download Assistant does not remember what I’ve downloaded - although I keep everything.

It remembers my custom folder location ok, but doesn’t seem to remember its contents from session to session:

I find it quite painful to track Steinberg software updates.

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yes - the downloader has got a ‘fraction’ better in the last few months but it’s still a bit useless compared to everybody else. Why it can’t keep track of updates I don’t know…just make the installer write a simple log file !!!

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I had the exact same problem. Downloaded a bunch of packages yesterday, they are still in the same folder, i can find them in the file explorer but they don’t show up as downloaded in the Download Assisstant. However, if you try to download again and click on the Download-button, the Assisstant realizes that the files are already there and changes the Button to “Open” or “Install”. But it’s still quite confusing, so it would be great if Steinberg could fix this, so that the Download Assisstant knows what’s been downloaded right away.