Redownload Cubase Elements 6

Hi there,

I have a USB eLicenser with an activated license for Cubase Elements 6 that I bought last year. Last week, I installed a new PC and have been trying to find a way to reinstall Cubase ever since. I contacted Steinberg twice and Asknet once. Steinberg does not respond at all to my questions, Asknet simply said “Contact Steinberg directly”.

I have looked at MySteinberg and tried to find a way to download the software again, but it asks for some kind of Download Access Code that I have never received (believe me, I looked through the emails I received from Steinberg and Asknet, all I have is an activation code and a download link that expired after 14 days).

I then tried to see if I could login to the Asknet shop directly to see if I was able to download it there. No such luck, the download link is gone.

Nothing I searched for on Google or in any kind of Steinberg guide/FAQ that I could find explains how to deal with this situation.

I did in fact download the Mac .dmg back then, but am now installing a Windows PC and I did not save the Windows installer back then as I figured I could download it any time, seeing as I purchased a downloadable product.

I am getting really frustrated with the way Steinberg handles this (or rather doesn’t handle this) and am really wondering why this has to be such a cumbersome stone age process in 2013. Is a “downloadable” purchase really a 14 day offer only?

Anyone with any suggestions as to how I can legally obtain an installer for Cubase Elements 6, seeing as I did in fact buy a license for it and would really like to work with it again?

Thanks in advance…


Anyone? I am not missing something very obvious here, am I? I would be glad to hear :slight_smile:

I also figured that installing the Elements 6 Trial might solve my issue, as it would find my USB eLicenser, but because it said “Trial” all over the place and also asked me to register a trial key on my eLicenser, I never dared take the chance. I figured there would be a way to obtain a real installer.

I really hope to settle this, as I am kind of feeling left in the dark here with no way to make music :cry:

I am having exactly the same trouble.
I bought a new computer and tried to put CUBASE ELEMENTS 6 (which is licensed on my old computer) on it to be followed by a CUBASE 7 upgrade.
I cannot get my new computer to register CE6.
I followed instructions about eLicense Centre till it said “Use Wizard” which is not in the menu.
I would like some help please too.