Redownloading Iconica?

Pardon me for asking this question here, but I can find no Icona forum.

I have just had a system crash. I still have the instrument files for Iconica Opus, but not the player for Halion Sonic. Is it possible to just download the player? It seems silly to redowload everything.

thank you


Iconica uses the same HALion Sonic SE player that is shipped with Dorico. Simply install the latest version of HALion Sonic SE (3.5.10 at the time of writing) and install your Iconica Opus files. HALion Sonic SE is available in the Dorico 4 section of Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you haven’t downloaded the Iconica maintenance update which fixes some Note Expression issues, I cannot now find a download link.

I have all the instrument files, but no show in Halion. My C drive crumbled and I reinstalled Windows and Cubase, the instrument files are no a D drive.

Install Steinberg Download Assistant from this web page, then you can download HALion Sonic SE. It is available in various sections, including Dorico 4 Pro.

Double click the instrument files to re-register them once HALion Sonic is installed - make sure that you choose the option to re-register them in place. You only need to double-click one file per folder - Steinberg Library Manager will register everything in the same folder in one operation.

Thank you tried to do this, you say “double click on the instrument files” . In the download assistant there is only download button, if I click on that the whole package attempts to download. I am not sure I understand you.



. The registration process appeared to be successful, but when I open Halion I do find two iconica guis, but no instruments appear

Navigate to the instrument files on your D drive in Windows Explorer, then double click one in each folder of files to launch Steinberg Library Manager. You need to register them in place for them to work properly.

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As this solution failed, I tried downloading again. I have been downloading from scratch again. This is proving more or less impossible. I have been trying for three days now and get constant “download failed” messages. My IP speed is 100mps and I am on a reilable ethernet connection. This is really not good enough. When the downlaod fails it stops teh download process for all further downloads - meaning I have to sit and constantly wathc the machine. I have better things todo with my time and want to make music