"reduce" bug ? First note always shifted

I noticed when reducing my articulation lines down to one, the first note gets shifted to the left, which leads wrong pattern.

In my case the 3 top lines are 3 articulations for FHorn.
I copy and reduce them to one stem (number 4 in pic)
It should however look like this when I merge them manually by copying (lowest stem)

Unless someone’s seen exactly the same problem, you’re going to need to post a project, not a picture, per the guidelines here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=155802

I’m afraid I can’t replicate this from a new project:

thats strange

here is how it looks on my side. Problems after the triplets.
My Version is 2.20.1286

Again, there’s something specific about this project that’s causing this. You need to post the project itself (or a cut down version).

guess what - I reduced the score for posting and suddenly it works on the reduced part.
I can’t attach the whole project due to copyright reasons for you :-/
Maybe there is a bug involving large projects? I will keep an eye on it - maybe the workaround is to use a small sketch score to merge the stems.

it seems really to be a bug.
When using a single Instrument LAYOUT I can paste>reduce it without problems.
Reducing it to new created instrument stems in the FULL SCORE layout leads to above problem.

Unlikely. I guess it’ll be one particular thing or a particular combination of things in your project.
You can always email the file to the developers.

If there is a bug with larger projects it’s not one I’ve seen before, as far as I can remember. It might be helpful if you sent the full project to the team, thougn. I’d recommend emailing it directly to d dot spreadbury at Steinberg dot net with a link to this thread.

Have you tried deliberately engaging the note entry carat on beat 1 like Leo did? That might circumvent the issue.

You can mail it to daniel with a link to this thread so they can have a look at it.

One more thing that I see in your picture: The very last note, a 1/16 note, becomes an 1/8 note…

I’ve been able to reproduce this problem now. There is indeed a bug in the reduce code (and also “paste into voice”) which will occur under certain circumstances, if the source material does contain tuplets in the uppermost stave, and the paste gets happens at a position later in the flow. We will fix this in an upcoming version.
In the meantime, if you want to completely avoid this particular issue I would recommend pasting/reducing into the beginning of a new temporary flow or instrument, then copy back where you actually need it as a separate step.