Reduce CPU Useage - Freeze then unfreeeze VST Instruments

I’ve found a trick to reduce CPU useage when using CPU hungry VSTi’s.
Simply open the VSTi, record a few notes, freeze the track then unfreeze it.
This significantly reduces the Maximum CPU useage in the Audio Performance meter but also in the Average by some margin too.
I use Elements 11 and was thinking of upgrading to allow me to send the VSTi’s to an FX channel to help save on CPU useage (reverb is a nightmare CPU eater) but this does the trick nicely for now.
Any ideas why this might be the case though?


Could you make a video screen recording, please? Maybe there is a detail you didn’t mention, which is critical to understand, why does it work this way on your side.

record enable - ASIO guard ?

Sorry Martin, I don’t have screen recording capability on this pc.
I’m using NI Super 8 in Komplete Kontrol in Elements 11 on a Windows 10 laptop with an i5 7300HQ (4core @ 2.5Ghz) , 2 x 320 GB SSD’s, 16GB of RAM and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
So a pretty basic set up.
I have ASIO-Guard on High and have tried it completely off with no difference. before and after freezing.

My ASIO-Guard setup i set to high. What do you mean mean by Record Enable - ASIO-Guard - is there a subsetting somewhere I’m missing?

I’m trying to think of reasons why CPU load would drop after the freeze/unfreeze process

It ‘may’ be because you have ‘input monitor’ ON before you freeze and ‘input monitor’ OFF after you freeze - meaning ASIO guard would lower your CPU usage.

Ok, thanks - no, unfortunately that’s not the case.

we’re just guessing without more information…

Yes of course and I appreciate you trying to help :wink:
I tried to uplaod a pic but it wouldn’t let me so we may be stuck.
I think I might just continue to use this trick until I can buy a new pc.

try it now :wink:

I’m not sure I can tell anything from the picture…I think Martin was after a video which you couldn’t do…

FWIW those settings look 100% normal

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Sorry, the screenshot doesn’t say anything about the Freeze function or Performance.