Reduce latency without audio interface

I’m travelling soon and don’t want to bring my audio interface, an Edirol UA25EX to save space. However latencies are just too annoying without it. I have a decent spec XPS 15 9570 so am thinking it should be able to handle what my DAW is throwing at it but nope. Are there any ways to improve on the c. 40ms output latencies I’m getting? Are there anything better than the generic drivers?
Apologies if the question is vague, I’m not really sure how to pose it!

“my DAW” - is that Cubase? 10.5?
“generic drivers” - is that the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver?

Latency is dependent on the buffer size you have so if your driver allows it you can try to minimize the buffer size.
I don’t know if Asio4All can give a lower latency than whatever driver you are using now.

Hi, yes, good points, here is what I have:
DAW is Cubase 10.5
Current driver I can see is Generic Low Latency ASIO driver
Intel Core i7-8750H 2.2GHz
16Gb RAM
Windows 10

I’ll Google Asio4All too.


Asio4all can be ok. It worked ok on my sons laptop