Reduce not working as expected

See score. I’m making a choral reduction.

  1. select choral staves
  2. select to end of flow
  3. Filter select only notes and chords
  4. Copy
  5. select piano staves
  6. Paste Special–Reduce

What I get is a muddle. Stems in the same direction, odd voices created.

Is there something I’m missing?
Kyrie eleison (It Is Finished).zip (646 KB)

Because a second voice comes and goes, you need to work in chunks, because Reduce will produce a single answer for the whole passage of material you select: it won’t change the disposition of the result over time. So take the chunk from letter B to bar 52, then 53 to 61, then 69-80, then 81-83, then 85 to the end.

Thanks Daniel, that helps. I know not what I ask, but perhaps there’s a smarter algorithm in the future for this, akin to my “Explode everything at once” request…

I have same problem when I explode (or reduce) a score with two voices with different note duration.