Reduce size of accidentals

Is there a way to globally reduce the size of accidentals?

Yes, you could edit the scale size of the relevant glyphs in the tonality system that you’re using.

Dorico 5 feature request - globally change accidental size, without having to fiddle with X and Y scalings for each and every one.

This would be better handled by choosing a different SMuFL font that meets your needs, or designing your own. Accidentals not only have a center but also interact with staff lines in very particular ways.

Hi @Mark_Johnson it’s my lilypond background showing here. Lilypond can do it very simply globally and it deals with all the subtleties, mostly. Of course, you can overdo it!

I’m using Soli font. Do you know of other SMuFL fonts with generally slightly smaller accidentals?

I haven’t looked for that attribute myself. I’m just always ready to tout the beauty of SMuFL, that now with a single large font we can display things however we want.