Reduce space between Tacet Flows

Dear Dorico users
I’m preparing some horn parts. There are some Tacet flows, and there’s too much vertical space between them, around 29mm (as seen in Engrave Mode > Staff Spacing). I’d prefer it to be around 20mm.

  • If I go to Layout Options > Players > Tacets, then Margin Above and Margin Below are already set to zero.
  • I know I can change the distance with Staff Spacing, but Staff Spacing never remains set. (There is not yet any way to lock it.)

Does anyone know of another way to reduce spacing between Tacets?
Thanks for any ideas.

Some of that gap will be coming from the flow headings, and their margins. You can reduce flow heading margins across the entire layout, or on individual pages.

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Thank you, Lillie. Really helpful.

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