Reduce staves from xml import creates unnecessary voices

Hi all,
see attached file.
If I select the violin staves and then do a Paste Special Reduce to the right hand of the piano (that has no extra voices created beforehand) , the first violin goes to upstem voice 2, and the second to downstem voice 1.

Can you reproduce this?

Of course I can change the top voice to upstem voice 1, but I won’t get rid of the upstem v2.
The violins have been pasted from another document imported with xml.
Is there anything I can do to “clean” the xml import, or is the only way in this case to copy to a new piano staff with no voice 2 created?

xml excerpt.dorico (507.9 KB)

Try closing and then re-opening Dorico. That usually clears out any unused voices.

Brilliant! That worked!
Is this even documented?

I will have this in my workflow from now on then, as long as the reduce behaviour remains.

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Somehow I missed that… Thanks!

WHAT?! You didn’t read all 1500-or-so pages of the manual? I’m astonished! :rofl:

Haha, working on it! :crazy_face:
Didn’t arrive to p. 1544 yet…