Reduce the extra click required to bring forward plugin..

For workflow and ease-of-use I think it would be a good feature to improve the handling of bringing up plugin editor windows (from Mixer).
Currently during my regular usage Cubase requires 2 clicks to bring a window forward - IMHO should only be one.


bring forward a plugin editor
open the mixer or arranger or other window (covering the plugin editor window)
now try to open the editor again from Mixer (for example). the plugin which is in the background still thinks it is in the forground so the editor first minimizes and on the 2nd click comes into the foreground.


I’m assuming you are on Windows since you don’t have any config info in your signature (hint, hint :wink: )

When the plug-in window is set to “always on top” it of course doesn’t get hidden. However when it is not set (as in your case), Windows creates a Taskbar Button for the plug-in window. So instead of moving focus to the plug-in window by clicking twice on its slot in the MixConsole you can just click once on its Taskbar Button.

Hey, ya obviously “always on top” isn’t useful for me as I use windows - I abhor the recent changes to the Taskbar for each window as it destroyed much of the sleekness of Cubase 7.x era. You method assumes that I should be looking for the ‘new’ way to use the taskbar, that couldn’t be further from helpful as my eyes are already accustomed to looking to the mixer where the control actually is - which is also the same one as opening editors which are not already open.

A possible simple solution, just add a option for clicking on the “e” in mixer or track to always bring window forward.
In my use, I never use that control “e” to push the window to the background - my flow always just has me bringing up the windows I do want next. It all works

cheers, I really hope SB don’t ignore this.