Reduce your Latency. Testing LatencyMon

Hello, I have managed to reduce Latency on my pc by a lot with a few settings.
I was getting 14000 “pagefault” count at around 8 minutes. I ran the system a few times for about an hour.
On the screenshot, LatencyMon was running for about 15 minutes.
Before, Windows Defender was giving most of the latency. Even by disabling the real-time protection, in Windows there’s still parameters to be set in order to disable real-time malware scan. Just by unchecking
real-time scan, it won’t work!
Feel free to ask how, I can post the settings to improve performance.

Looks pretty good … I wouldn’t hesitate to record audio with those results, Windows Defender deactivated vs not!

I just tried out software called dControl. It lets you turn off Defender. I’ve gone around this issue by marking all sample library folders, VST3/vstplugins folders to exclusions list in Security settings. Also .wav/.nki etc exclusions. Helped a lot on certain instruments.


I just exclude the Cubase process from defender, that works quite well, too. (You have to remember adding each new major version, though).

I added “Windows Defender” in the exclusion list. Then I scheduled a once per week scan.

Monitor this process “msmpeng.exe” in latencyMon verify the number of “pagefault” it gives. Run it for about 20 minutes

FWIW, I get good numbers leaving Windows Defender on.


Nah, my system works fine, no dropouts (unless backup is running which I disable while using Cubase), I see no need in obsessing over DPC latency values or page faults that don’t even occur in the DAW process…

ok, but do you experience now a better Cubase performance?
Does Cubase Audio performance meters show better results? how much difference?