Reduced Font Size in Cubase Pro 13 MediaBay BUG?


Among several GUI usability problems introduced with the release of Cubase Pro 13, the MediaBay problem is the show-stopper for me. That is the reason I still use v.12.

Just open the MediaBay by pressing F5 (PC). The MediaBay results use very tiny font (size) making it impossible to do any serious work.

Is that a bug? I really hope so, in a good sense, meaning it will be fixed soon, right!?

Any idea?


Any official or half-official news on this!?


Is this considered to be a bug or not!?

It’s not a bug, it’s one of many “improvements” from GUI geniuses at Steinberg.
There are many topics about it in this forum.
The official responce was something along the lines “we will try to fix some of it in the future” what exactly will they fix nobody knows.
As you can see they lock topics like that, don’t know why.

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Oh, stop complaining, it’s very easy! Just go into the view menu, then GUI zoom, then select 125% or 150% and you’re done!

Oh, wait. I was thinking about all the other software that has that choice. Sorry, my bad.

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I can fully understand if their GUI developers made a blunder for the worse, I’m not the kind of guy who complains in public.

My point is that before color changes etc. the most important thing about a UI is READABILITY.

If necessary, I can still use C12 for years to come, no big deal, just wondering if the Steinbegrs developers have a perspective on how such changes impact the usability and workflow…

Well, maybe this is the end of the road when it comes to C13 etc. GUI part. The problem is that I’ve invested a substantial amount of time tagging things and building libraries with the MediaBay concept.

It’s literally a nightmare having to port everything to another DAW. On the other side, it is good that Cubase writes tags into the file,
so maybe a decent script can automatically “translate” tag info into another DAW format?

I’ll give it some time, until the next C13 update, to see if the GUI thing has been improved/fixed - or that font size in MediaBay just rolled back to C12. I will gladly accept that!

Well, many issues in the C13 GUI are not just a “blunder”. A blunder is when you make a mistake and it slips through. Software companies of any kind are supposed to not just design the GUI, but also test it themselves, then beta testing it to a larger group, and then release.

I don’t want to assume, but it seems to me that that testing wasn’t too extensive.

Well, maybe they had a tight deadline, as a matter of fact, I saw that other people have complaining about this too, here:

I sincerely hope that this is something Steinberg will prioritize.