Reducing number of chord diagrams at top of flow

When clicking to add chord diagrams at top of flow, every chord in the song is placed. Has anyone figured out how to limit the number of diagrams displayed?

Welcome to the forum, @topjimmy. The purpose of that feature is to show all of the different chords played in the flow, as that’s typically how things are shown in those kinds of publications. Can you say a bit more about your requirements, and why you want to limit the number of chords shown? How do you want Dorico to decide which chords to show and which to include?

Many thanks for the reply, Daniel. When transcribing a song for my students, I prefer to include only the chord diagrams for the chords that are new to their ken. I would like to have the option to chose which chord diagrams are show. For example, I am transcribing Sir Duke. There is a chromatic run of dominant 9 chords - from C#9 to G9 - that all share the same shape and fingering. I don’t need all 7 chords to be shown. I only need one.

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OK, thanks for the feedback. Perhaps we could find a way in future to “flag” a particular chord diagram as being unnecessary to show in the “chords used in this flow” frame.

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It’s a workaround, but you can do this with MusGlyphs.

  1. Make sure Font Style / Chord Symbol Font is set to MusGlyphs and enter the chords you want to appear at the start of the piece.
  2. Use Shift-X, select MusGlyphs as the font and enter the remaining Chords
  3. Align and resize as necessary.

Oooo… chord diagrams… hmm…