Reducing realtime peak

Hi All,

I am getting a really high realtime peak reading on my projects making Cubase 8 almost unusable. Quick question: how related to my audio interface is this?

I am currently using on-board audio for mixing on my Macbook Pro (I use a Saffire for recording my audio), and I am wondering if buying an external USB audio interface for my laptop will help reduce realtime peak, or whether this is a CPU issue?

If it is CPU based, I find that freezing tracks doesn’t have much of an effect.


Maybe you’ve sorted it out already, but there’s many possible issues here.

Is it ASIO spikes or disk access spikes?

What sample buffer is your audio device set to? You could try raising that one increment at a time (256, 512, 1024, etc…) until the CPU/ASIO spikes tame down.