'Reference' plug-in by 'Mastering The Mix'

Is anyone using the above plug-in please and if so, is it working fine in Cubase Pro 10.5.12?
It looks really convenient and useful for working with reference tracks which I hoped would help me as I’m a newbie to this so I splashed out £50 for it however the graphics are all messed up on my system so it’s unusble.

Mastering the Mix are very pro-active in helping me solve the issue but having tried reinstalling the latest version and updating graphics drivers they said “there are numerous problems introduced with Cubase 10.5.12, so an update from them could well solve the issue”, hence me posting here to see whether it’s my system at fault or 10.5.12.

Thanks in advance.

Found the issue as per their pointer!
It was windows 10 scaling which I had on 150% for my old eyes when using 4K, however, that should work ok on any professional plug-in so I shall be respectfull requesting a refund as I am happy with my optimum settings and having tried changing the settings no other option works for me.
Hope the above is helpful if any other old timer has the same issue :slight_smile: