Reference track,or headphone mix

Hello :smiley:
I was wondering if its possible to have reference track/headphone mix at a different
volume level to my main mix,the headphone/mic mix at a lower volume of course.

Using Cubase 11 Pro,I was considering using a separate audio track,sending the cue mix to the control room. To monitor my output to OBS Studio.
Possibly using the A/B or listen feature.Or a headphone mix .Not sure how to set this up,though.
I’m using a 3rd gen Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 .
Any help or advice is appreciated :grin:

good vid by Dom here on setting up reference mix in control room

Thanks Krevvy, :smiley:
Oh yeah forgot to add,after seeing Dom’s excellent video,
Could use the same method for a headphone mix? :smile:

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Yes, it’s actually the primary purpose of the CUES. To create different mixes to send to musicians. (Up to 4 with Cubase Control Room). So, you can definitely use one of them to create a headphone mix. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot Samlosangeles :smiley:
Had a kinda sneaky idea that was the case. How would I route a cue to become a headphone mix?
Only I can see in the connections tab, you can add a headphone mix to the Control Room.
But nothing physically to see that says Headphone mix in the mixer,:laughing:
Would I need to create a audio track,name it headphones?

Set up your Cue in the Control Room, then in the Mixer, go to the Rack selection in the upper right and check “Cue Sends” in the drop down. Then add Cue Sends on the channels you want.

Ah Ok thanks SF Green :grinning:
thought the headphone mix was totally different,lol. So a headphone mix is essentially a cue mix?

Yes, as far as I know. It’s really just a mix; where it goes is up to you and how you set it up in Audio Connections.

OK great :smiley:
Thanks again