Reference Track passes out


I route the (absolutely great) Reference Track to a separate Hardware Output,
but if I open too many plugins in the Master section the Reference starts to distort and then just mutes itself.
At the same Time the Master track play just fine.

couldn’t solve it with buffer size or similar.

13 Plugins 2 are just meter without procession and 2 are external Gear, the CPU usage is a 14%

PS can’t find a beta tester forum or jira report for wavelab :frowning: so I posted here

What sample rate? Where are located the plugins?

lately tested with 48, but aslo used 44.1

The Plugins are in C:\Programs\Common Files\VST3
and 2 UADs in C:\Programs\Steinberg\VSTPlugins
(just in the MasterChain)

I Just found a strange solution: turning down the Asio Buffer Size = at 256 it works
But I’m not shure if I get micro crackle with this.