Reference track routing and Speaker configurations

I have run against an inconsistency in Wavelab 12.0.20 when using a Reference track together with multiple Speaker configurations. The routing option “Main Playback Bus” for the Reference track is very misleading when you are actually monitoring through a different Speaker configuration, don’t you think? I would suggest to name this routing option as “Direct Monitor Output” or something like this.

Moreover, I would like to propose third routing option for the Reference track: “Master Section Gain” or “Master Section Fader”. This new option would route the Reference track through the Master Section fader and Playback processing (but bypass Master Section effects). I suppose this option could be useful for users who do not use any hardware monitor knob and who utilize the master section fader for this purpose.

Thanks for your suggestion, yes, this is probably better.

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Thank you, Philippe, for considering my suggestion! :+1:t2:
And what do you think about my second proposal? I usually use the Master Section fader to control my monitoring level. However, when using the Reference track, now I have to set Master Section Level to unity gain and use the Gain plugin in the Playback processing section instead. I think the A/B comparison would be easier if I could route the Reference track through the Master Section Level and Playback processing section.

Second thoughts

  1. “Direct Monitor Output” could be misleading because there is already the concept of “Direct Monitoring”

This being said, is that the good news is that you can rename yourselves “Main Playback Bus” to whatever you like: double-click there and type:

  1. I don’t particularly like the idea because the current two choices (before or after the playback sections) have in common that they occur after the render stage. Consequently, the signal is precisely what will be rendered. If there were a third option earlier in the signal flow, it would disrupt this important pattern.
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Okay, so I will continue using my workaround with the Gain plugin in the Playback processing section. Thanks for your answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

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