Reference Track Routing Question

Can someone explain what routing the Reference Track to the “Master Section Playback Processing” means

This means that the reference track signal is injected before the playback section of the Master Section (hence you can use a couple of plugins), and not at the very end of the chain.

For example, I use this option sometimes so that the solo’d Reference Track signal will feed my Clariyy M external loudness meter, because the plugin that talks to the hardware meter is inserted in the Playback Processing slot.

thanks for the replies, I thought thats what it meant, and yet for some reason it makes no difference for me. I did an experiment where i added lots of delay and reverb to the master section. the other tracks in the montage of course were completely trashed sound wise, but when i played the reference track, it was still completely clean, I changed the routing a number of times from the direct to the through master, but it sounds exactly the same, any thoughts?

This setting is specific to the two Playback Processing slots of the global master section, not the regular FX slots.

thanks Justin P, that is some excellent and important clarification. For me the only plug in available in the section currently is the encoder checker, can you share how to use other plug ins there, (all my options are dimmed out)

You must go into the WaveLab Preferences area and enable specific plugins to be available in the Playback Processing slots by checking the PLAY box.

See attachment.