Refined MouseWheel Controls (Scroll & Zoom) [Feature Request]


  1. Please add the function for vertical zooming with the mouse wheel when holding a dedicated modifier key [Alt would be a good choice]
  2. Mouse Wheel Modifiers Tab
  1. Please add a Mouse Wheel Modifiers Tab in the preferences so everybody can adjust the default modifiers to their liking just like in the Editing-Tools Modifiers Tab
  2. Please also add the possibility in the preferences to reverse the mouse wheel when scrolling horizontally so it aligns with the Windows system wide standard [move up = left]

Additional Details
I am fairly new to Nuendo 10 and immediately noticed that there are a couple of problems regarding the mouse wheel, which still have not been resolved. In all honesty this is somewhat surprising, as Nuendo has been going through an evolution of quite some years. Obviously the development of such a powerful software is never finished, because there is always something to be refined. Having to ask for the implementation of such a basic feature is still a bit concerning.
I know that there is a keyboard shortcut [shift-g / shift-h], but I prefer to work with the mouse wheel just like in any other DAW, especially when moving around in the Key Editor and Track View.
When scrolling horizontally the system wide Windows behavior [up=left] is more consistent as moving the wheel up while holding shift moves the page to its leftmost beginning just like when regularly moving the wheel up moves the page to its topmost beginning thus moving up should always move towards the origin [] of the project and moving down should always move away from the origin no matter which direction.

I am not asking you to change the Nuendo defaults, I am only asking you to give us the possibility to manually adjust these basic functions to an established standard. I really do hope that this makes it into the next version of Nuendo, as this cannot be too difficult to be implemented, but as my research has shown me these issues have been already addressed almost 5 years ago (in the Cubase forum) so my hopes are slim. I wonder why so much innovation is put into new features instead of taking some time aside for tidying up old outdated functions in order to polish the overall accessibility of the program.
Best Wishes!

+1 – please do this

Currently, Shift+MW scrolls the timeline horizontally… which… can already be accomplished in a much less clumsy fashion by holding MMB and mousing left/right?

It would be much more useful to rebind Shift+MW to zooming waveforms vertically (which incidentally is the default behavior for WaveLab and SpectraLayers). Please give us this option!

Additionally to this give us an option to disable the scroll wheel from controlling the mix console! One of the most frustrating quirks of Nuendo from someone else who’s come from another DAW. I just want to quickly navigate the mixer without worrying about completely changing my mix without noticing.

“Tidying up old outdated functions” - yes, but please without “breaking previously perfectly useful features”, like they did with NU10 (or actually ever since NU6). sigh