Refinement of Sends in Project Window automation.

Thank you SO much for putting this in – now we can see (sort of) what the sends we’re automating are by name which is a gigantic help.

A refinement that is necessary: Right now it’s almost always very hard to see the name of the send because of the unnecessary space taken up by “Sends:1”, “Sends:2”, etc. I recommend just putting S1, S2, etc., and also abbreviating what the parameter is (Level, etc.). Otherwise we need to often hover over the box to see what the send name is, which is definitely not workflow friendly. Another issue is that the abbreviations for the send names are most often not readable – there should be no ellipses when shortening, which is the most significant problem.

To make this function truly what it needs to be, there should be no hovering necessary.

Attached is an example of the issue. You can’t read what the custom names are here.

Thank you again, and with this refinement it will be more usable because we will be able to see what the actual send name is without needing to hover (hovering greatly gets in the way of speed and workflow here).
Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 10.39.47 AM.png

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I find the titles to usually be unreadable and I feel this is a very important thing to correct so we can use this new feature.


Definitely good improvements!


Yes - please SB, you have to agree - the OP’s suggestions would make this new feature more useful.

Yes please!


Another +1