Reflection an ambient project


My latest track Reflection is posted, hope you like :slight_smile:

Grateful for any comments.

And a merry Christmas to you all :slight_smile:


I like this , it has a P Floyd touch to it , the atmosphere is melancholic and keeps my attention
The track is full of sounds, it could take some more time an use space in it. Less is more…
Are you in for a collaboration regarding tracks ? In my experience it had rewarding effect on mine…

Hi Desert,

Thank you for listening and commenting, and good observation on you part, Pink Floyd are heroes of mine.

I was inspired after watching a youtube movie about Pink Floyd where on “Shine on our crazy diamonds” they held a G7 chord for like 2.36 minutes and only changed the cord progression as the guitar solo comes in. - Try this today on a tune :slight_smile:

I do agree to “Less is more” and It could be longer, but I had in mind younger people where holding the attention over 30 sec is hard :wink:

  • Add Yes I would be interested in collaboration.