Reformatting an imported score

I imported an musicxml file, which was converted from a pdf to begin with. It badly needs cleaning up. E.g., the time sig was not picked up during the conversion. In Dorico, I inserted the time signature, and expected that the bars would reformat accordingly. However, this did not happen. I might have missed a step? I went through the different topics about inserting time sig, but none that I’ve found addressed this specific scenario. I’m also fairly new to Dorico, so any pointers are appreciated. Thank you.

Raoul, welcome to the forum. Could you post the project here for someone to try their hand at it? You’d need to zip it first.

You might try deleting ALL time signatures first. Sometimes there are independent ones that can throw things off. XML is a strange bird sometimes.

Thank you, Dan. Here is the imported file. I wanted to insert 2/2 as the time signature.
(Admittedly, though, the clean up will involve more than just the time sig :slight_smile: - but I’m going step by step…)
My Funny (3.99 KB)

There are open meter signposts which you can display, select, and delete. Turn on signposts. Select one, then use Select More (Cmd-Shift-A) to grab the rest. Delete, then add your meter.