Reformatting system text in parts (and measure spacing)


Another question! I have a piece for chamber ensemble and recorded narration. I want the narration to appear in each part - and I’ve been entering it as system text (i.e. there is no notated rhythm).

I’m finding that I really need to reformat or respace the text in the parts - adding carriage returns etc. It seems that moving the text in a part does not affect its spacing in the score, but if I add a carriage return that DOES transfer to the score. Is there a workaround? Is system text the wrong way to do this?

Also - is it possible to change the size of individual measures in engrave mode (often to accommodate the text overlay?)


System text really is the way to go here. System objects can’t propagate, so when you move it in one part, you have to move it in the others as well.

When you say “change the size,” do you mean the width? If so, yes: Note Spacing in Engrave mode. To make a measure wider, grab all the handles, and use Ctrl-Alt-right arrow.

Or to make it narrower, Ctrl-Alt-left arrow:

Dan, I think shnootre meant to reformat line breaks in text blocks, like:

part 1:
I think shnootre meant
to reformat line breaks

part 2:
I think shnootre meant to
reformat line breaks

both depending on the musical contents of some bars.

The same System text can’t have different line breaks in different parts.

Yes this is right. so system text probably isn’t the the thing here, but then what is?

Thanks for the info on measure width!

You could use staff text (shift-x), which can be hidden in the full score (local property). Granularity at its paroxysm

thanks for the information.

Just circling back on this…

The thing is, I want the poetic narration both in the full score, and in each part. Still trying to figure out a way to do this that won’t kill me!

If you need the text to be formatted differently in different layouts, you don’t have much option but to use staff-attached text and hide it in the score layout.