ReFX Nexus unintended swing, Solved!!!

Refx Nexus seems to have unintended swing on all presets. If I put a wave display set to 1/4 on the channel we can clearly see the notes play at different positions in time. Each repetition hitting slightly forwards or backwards form the last

I’m not getting this issue with any other synth. I don’t think it’s related to the midi rec issue.

The problem… When layering synths to create one big sound, if using another synth like sylenth, we get a phasing that is due to the random shifts in time. It’s impossible to lock these waveforms together how we intended, unlike adding layers from synths not suffering from this swing. Each note will sound different, which can be a good thing if intended.

Anyone else noticed this? Can it be turned off? Any work arounds other than sampling the preset and triggering the notes via a sampler.

I’ve discovered that the Korg M1 VST does it too. Which made me think it might be rompler related, how they access the samples. But, Halion, kontakt and Cubase Sampler doesn’t do it.

If anybody else happens to stumble on this problem… Here’s why!

Nexus isn’t sample accurate.

Nexus runs on a 1ms timer, helps buffer and reduces CPU hit. The secret is to work at BPM’s with a full ms number without decimals. 60,000 / BPM must equal a full number. Like 100, 120.

Edit: At least in theory… we do get improvements but it’s not always the case.