Regarding ADR - web controller in Nuendo 13

Hello, I’ve question regarding newly added web-based ADR marker controller

is there, or will be an API for 3rd party developers?

and if yes, is it possible to use to :
set/get current timestamp , play/pause/record?

thank you

If I remember correctly, there was the same question (about the API) in the comments section of the presentation on Wednesday. The official Nuendo channel responded with “yes there is”. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you skip to minute 34:30 of the video, you can see the question and the answer. And judging by the avatar, you asked the question. So you must already know the answer. :rofl: :wink:

yeah, that was me
but after reviewing Nuendo13 documentation
and also Steinberg Github ( where there are some dev decumentations of other APIs )
so I’m not sure if there is an available API for newly added script editor
and also previously added ADR API

Hello Soushi, thanks for your interest.
the API is currently available on demand only. I’ll send you a personal message how to proceed.

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Does anyone have their N13 ADR web viewer working as intended?
We can’t make it work like in the demo video.
In edit mode i can select and edit the marker, but that’s pretty much it.
When i select adr marker in nuendo adr window, the ADR viewer doesn’t display anything.