Regarding my upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase Pro 8.5

Hi everybody,

I recently took advantage of the 40% off special on Cubase Pro 8.5 (I upgraded from Cubase 5). Before my initial purchase however, I downloaded the 30-day trial of Cubase Pro 8.5 so I could check out the latest version before I made the decision to purchase.

I want to find something out now though. The 30-day trail file I downloaded should be exactly the same as the Cubase Pro 8.5 download that’s now available in my account because of my purchase, right? In other words, I don’t have to download it again, correct? It seems like my Cubase Pro 8.5 is already running as a fully-fledged Cubase considering I registered it and update my dongle license (from Cubase 5 to Cubase Pro 8.5), so I just want to make sure I’m correct with regards to what I’m saying. I was under the impression I’d have to uninstall the demo, download the full version after my purchase and then install that.

If I could just get some confirmation please!

Thank you.


Yes. Don’t forget to update to 8.5.20 if you haven’t.

I have (updated), thank you. I noticed that I didn’t get the message explaining ‘how many days you have left’ when using the demo version, so I figured.

Thanks for the confirmation though. This was VERY convenient! Nice Steinberg. Kinda like plug-n-play instantaneous access! :mrgreen: