Regarding the headphone outs in the UR44C

Hi, I am currently using a Yamaha N8 which has 2 headphone outs and it’s possible to have different mixes on each output so I can use the cue channels in Cubase,
I read somewhere that the 2 headphone outs in the UR44C receive the same output, is this correct? is it not possible to have seperate mixes in each headphoe out with the UR44C ?
thanks for any response.

There are 2 mixers in the UR44C, the 1st set of headphones is always on “MIX-1” but the 2nd set of headphones can chose either “MIX-1” or “MIX-2”.

So whoever told you both outputs were the same probably was just not using the right setting, and if I may add, should read their user manual.

Thanks for your answer my friend, I never have understood schematics and probably never will so your help is very much apreciated… :smile:
a few weeks ago I took delivery of a UR44C but never got chance to use it properly due to some issues with the headphone outs, just waiting now for a new one…