Regarding the MP3 upgrade patch...

I have some questions regarding the MP3 upgrade patch.

  1. So after I use up the MP3 exporting, Can that give me access to permanent and unlimited access of MP3 exporting?
  2. Does the patch belong to your account or your hardware?(i.e. can I buy it on another computer and then download it to my computer with Cubase installed)?
    Thanks a lot guys. Cheers and have a nice day \m/


  1. Once you activate the MP3 Upgrade Patch, you can export MP3 from Cubase/Nuendo unlimited.

  2. The license i stored on the Soft-eLicenser by default. So you can use it on the computer, where you activate it. If you want to use it at another computer later on, you have to reactivate it. And you can transfer it to the USB-eLicenser, as other licenses, and then use it at multiple computers.

Thanks a lot m8, but what I mean is can I buy the patch on computer A(without downloading), and instead download it to computer B? Thanks a looootttt


Yes you can. No problem at all.