Regarding Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170

Hi everyone,

I’m new to MIDI, and I hope I will get some answers here. I’m about to buy a digital piano (Yamaha Clavinova CSP-170). It has a synth module inside, but I’ve not been able to understand if it is possible to play simultanious on several timbres (playing drums, bass, piano, synth-pads etc at once) - while composing music in Cubase LT 9. I downloaded the manual and it says that it is GM2, XG, GS and XF-compatible, if that should explain anything in this matter. The people in the shop selling the piano did not know either, so that’s why I ask here. Probably this is a simple question to answer, but as I’ve allready said, I’m absolutely new to this. And I for sure must know before I buy the piano.

I will be happy for any answers.


Hi Roy!
I use also a CSP-170 to play midifiles and lightning keys. I dont know what you exactly mean with play simultanious timbres.

I write my midis using Mixmaster for SysEx-Coding and Cubase Elements 10 for all other To play on the clavi I use a iPad pro and be very happy about doing as a beginner on Keyboard-Playing.

To set the Voices I have build up the CSP-170 as a MIDI-Instrument using my File “Yamaha CSP-170.txt” beeing attached.
Please rename to Yamaha CSP-170.txt before using.

Inside are all Voices from the instrument as in the manual. A lot of work, but doing great.

I hope this is helpfull for you.
Sorry about my bad english.

Hi Harald,

I have also been using a CSP-170 for a few weeks and have read your comments with interest. Which Mixmaster do you use? The one by Michael P. Bedesem and Etienne Volbragt (v19r1)?

I would be very interested in your file Yamaha CSP-170.txt. How is it structured and what information from the data list was used?

It would be nice to know something about it
Best wishes
ollelinse (Uwe)

Hi Harald!!

Regarding your website, i have to recommend it to every CSP-player . It is very useful; a lot of work to take advantage of it. You’re great!!

Regarding the “Yamaha CSP-170.txt” thank you again.



Hello Juanillo!

Sorry about my late answer, but I haven’d seen your message before.
Thank you very much for that big praise.

In the meantime I opened a forum in that theme.
If you are interested in further infos please come in!

I wish you big fun with your music


Hello Dear Harald,

May I ask you to send the file “Yamaha CSP-170.txt”?
I think you are the only one who provide this solution for cubase.
Many thanks in advance.