Regions List option missing in Set up Window Layout

I’m using Cubase 13 Pro, getting my feet wet again after a life-related detour of 10 years. The manual refers several times to the Regions List in the Set up Window Layout options (upper right button), but that option is not there, and so I feel stuck in pursuing efforts with regions. Is there a preference somewhere that enables/disables the option to show the Regions List? Here is what I see:

The Regions List appears only as part of the Sample Editor, but you are setting up the Project view.
Double-click an audio event to open the Sample Editor.

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Thank you! Never suspected that there was a second Set up Window Layout button, also in “the” upper right corner. This should be made clear in the Steinberg docs. I suppose I’ll be on the lookout for yet other such buttons that appear in various circumstances.

I appreciate your quick, concise, accurate answer, Johnny_Moneto! Have a great day!

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