Register a MIDI trace without metronome. Manually set the position of the bar

Hello this is my first contact with the forum.
My problem: Improvising on my digital piano I register a MIDI trace completely disconnected and indipendent from the metronome indications. This is because of “ritardato” “accelerato” .
If I read the obtained file.mid, with Dorico for example, I obviously obtain a unreadable page.
I would like, starting from a Midi editor, to have the ability to place the bar lines according the real beat without moving the notes position. Consquentely the time trace will continuosly Change (beats for minute)- After that the notation of the musical page should be clean and readable…
Is there anyone who can help me? thank you so much
PS I use Cubase 11 elements, Dorico 4

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use the Tempo Detection function in Cubase, please.

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