Registering Multiple Copies of Cubase for a Classroom

Hello, all…
My university purchased 16 copies of Cubase – with 16 separate eLicense dongles – and I’ve activated several already, but all on the same computer (because I don’t have access to the classroom yet). Something that concerns me a bit is that that I have only been able to “register” one so far, even though I have “activated” several. When Cubase prompts me to “register” my software, I can only do it with one of the dongles, even though all the activated dongles will run Cubase. I get an error " Security Error #2FG0" when trying to register through the Steinberg website. Is this normal? Is this just a difference between registering a specific copy of Cubase on a specific computer vs. activating an eLicenser (which can go anywhere)? Do I need to worry about “registering” each of the dongles after it has been activated? Will I have to wait until I have access to 16 different copies on 16 different computers before I can “register” all of them? Is this something I should even worry about?

In case it makes any difference, I have been activating these dongles using a single Steinberg account.