Registering Noise Hangs in SL 7.0.21


I have imported a file, made a selection and then chosen “register noise”.
Very quick I get the “noise registered” - and “OK” message.

After a moment though if I don´t press OK, another message appears “Registering noise” and how many % is ready, but the blue status bar never changes after this. I can Cancel this process and press OK on the former message to get back, and sometimes the noise seem to have registered ok but not always.

This is a constant behaviour in the Standalone app for me, regardless of audio file format etc, and I have tried restarting everything without luck.

Anyone else experienced this?

And +1 for batch processing + saving registered noise presets!

Best Wishes

using the standalone, I see the same behavior that you have noticed. Curious. For me, the noise still seems to be registered, as when I go to Noise reduction, the graph of the noise seems correct, and the process continues as I expect. I suspect Robin will eventually see this and investigate, or explain this behaviour.

I haven’t tried this with the plugin. thanks!

I get the “hang” occasionally in standalone. But I just press “OK” or “cancel” or whatever during “percentage” and I always get the noise profile afterwards. Don’t know why it happens, but it never causes me any real problems.

Same type of behaviour in the plugin version when registering ‘noise.’ But as Poinzy says, it doesn’t seem to affect the actual process of noise reduction. For now I would just click ‘ok’ in the noise register dialogue, rather than wait for anything else.

I only registered ‘noise’ over a smal length of time. Perhaps this would be more of an issue with larger areas of noise selected.


EDIT: this issue seems related to FFT size:

When selecting and registering the noise in a portion of the file there seem to be a “sweet spot” when the registration fails if the FFT window value is too high.

This seem to be different depending on what is selected, but I have been able to reproduce the issue by making a selection an gradually lowering the FFT value when the issue occurs. At some point when the FFT value is low enough for the selection, the registering works as intended.

So - in other words, to test this:
when the registering process hangs or there is no noise registered when looking at the noise reduction graph (=a straight red/white line), undo the registering and lower the FFT window value. Repeat until it hopefully succeeds.

I hope someone is able to reproduce and verify.