registration errors

I have CUBASE LE 6 that came with a ZOOM G7.1ut. I installed it on a WIn XP SP3 machine. I ran it up and got the limited use / trial warning and was invited to register.

Clicking on the option to register, nothing happened. Then selecting eLicenser control centre nothing happened either. So I downloaded eLC_installation_helper.exe and ran it as per the knowledge base.

Now when I try to run Cubase, I get “No valid license found. The program will quit”. I can select OK, or “start license activation”. Selecting the latter Im asked to enter a license activation code. So I can even run Cubase now, even though I only installed it today. Where do I get this activation code from? I thought all I was doing was registering the product to enable me to continue to use it?

I confess Im lost here with the different licensing options and the issues with just running up the registration process. Please can someone help me out.