Registration from C7

Almost month trying to register product from C7, but always error 1003. What is it? And how to fix it? The hub loads just fine all the news and announcements, but every time I click register now, the error 1003 comes up.
Any other way to register? I tried to get answer thru older thread, but one cared, so that´s why I made own thread for it.

You will need to send an email to info at steinberg dot de

Use your standard browser and go to your “mySteinberg” account. If you upgraded from an earlier Cuabse version to C7. And that version had been registered already, your C7 license will register automatically after the license update.

Thank for info.
I actually have upgraded (C6Artist->C6->C6.5->C7), but every time I open C7, the registration pops up, so it might not be automatically register it to C7??

If you had registered CA 6 before, you registered the dongle, and the when you download a new license Steinberg knows that your C7 license got downloaded on the dongle that is registered to your name. You can simply check in your “mySteinberg” account if it is registered or not.

Yep, it´s registered to C7, I hope it stops popping up soon, it´s annoying and probably easy thing to fix at steinbergs end.
Thanks again.

You need to fix it at your end by clicking “already registered”