Registration of HALion Sonic SE 3 is confusing as hell

I’ve downloaded and installed HALion Sonic SE 3 and entered the activation code from the email in eLicenser Control Center. Is there some other step I have to complete? The stand-alone program opens, but I don’t hear anything (yes, I selected the driver for my audio interface). Is this because it isn’t properly registered, or is there some other issue?

Is this a trial version that’s going to expire eventually? Based on first impressions, I’m not too impressed. If this experience is typical, I doubt that I’d ever purchase it.

BTW, it would be nice if there was a standard menu bar at the top of the window, with the usual “File”, etc., options. An “About” submenu which displayed the version number, license info, etc., would be super helpful.

Hi @David_Kettle

It looks like you have done the installation and license activation right. You mentioned selecting the driver for audio interface. Did you also select audio output ports? Did you load any program? It will make no sound if there is no program loaded in any of the slots.

I do agree with you that the whole installation and registration process could be more simple.

Thanks. I thought I had loaded a “program” in the main window, not realizing that I had to load it to the individual “slot” to use it. It wasn’t until I double-clicked on the selection that it actually got loaded. I just assumed that because it was hi-lighted, it was loaded (see screen print).

Do you know if this version will expire at some point?

It shouldn’t expire. You can check that in eLicenser application.