I have wrote this mail to the contact support in 03/08 and have no answer:

"The School of Fine Arts of UFMG (the university where I teach) has owned the version 4 of Nuendo ("the first version that was bought 2). I purchased an upgrade to version 5 with NEK5 I registered normally.

I downloaded the update - version 5.5 and 5.5.4 (and the Nuendo NEK) - by following instructions on the site. I installed them in the Mac-OSX Lion Book with no apparent problems.

But I can not register them by following the instructions on page

According to the instructions: “On the top of the page MySteinberg start: Copy the NEK Nuendo 5.5 and the 5.5 (if applicable) activation code (s) from the” Your last license transactions “chart”. But there appears no number / code / serial transactions in chart. When I insist and put the number of eLCC information appears “You have this eLicenser Already registerd on 09.05.2011 at 16:08. Registration is not possible.” The date should refer to the registration of Nuendo 4.

When I enter the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) and request license updates appears to have no license for any update."

Well, without answer, I uninstalled the Nuendo 5.5.4, installed the version 5.5.0 and again searched the activation code and just find a code for a Nuendo 5.5 Trial. It is correct? I must proceed the activation? I’m afraid to have just a trial version and not a permanent version that I can upgrade to a 5.5.4.



Hi Jalver,

I am sorry for the lack of replies.
I checked your account and indeed the activation codes for Nuendo 5.5 and the NEK 5.5 were missing. If you log in to MySteinberg now, you should see the two new activation codes you can use to download the updated licenses via the eLicenser Control Center.

There is no need to update or reinstall the Nuendo software installation as that is completely independent from the license mechanism.


I also contacted support about that same issue. The activation code to update my Nunedo to 5.5 is nowhere to be found under “MySteinberg” account. Could support please send me the Nuendo 5.5 activation code?

Also, since Nuendo 5.5 installs parallel to version 5 does that mean that I can safely uninstall version 5 or…?