Regular Audio Drop Outs - Cubase 12 (Latest version)

Posting here as I’ve not found any solutions for the Mac online.

I’m getting regular audio dropouts on old and new projects.

Currently happening every 5 - 10 seconds, Cubase is currently un-usable

Mac M1 - 32gig Ram / OS Monterey

Project on SSD Drive / 44.1k.

No vst’s loaded

Activity Monitor on my Mac has Cubase at a crazy 299% when playing back
activity monitor
Changed buffer size from 512 to 1012, no change

Asio Guard peaking, tried turning on and off

Tried built in Audio System, same problem

Happens with 4 or 5 tracks with a couple of effects as well as larger sessions.

Been searching online and see a lot of people have been having this issue, and found no solution.
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 15.49.04

Same system with Ableton Live 11, rock solid no issues at all.


What Audio Device do you use, please?

Isn’t there any plug-in in the Trial/Demo mode by any chance?

Hi Martin

My audio interface is a Yamaha MW12cx. (Been using this since version 9)

No trial plug-ins


The latest macOS driver is from 2021-02-02 and compatible with macOS 10.15. No Apple Silicon compatibility. I expect, you are using Cubase in the Rosetta mode then, right? With unsupported driver…

Yes, im using Rosetta mode


That might be tricky to find. And with the unsupported system…

Do you experience the same with the built-in Audio Device?

Yes, when i bypass the audio interface it still drops out

This is strange, I didnt have the issue until the last couple of weeks, recorded a whole album of vocals last month and had no issues at all. Lots of heavy track count mixes with no issues . Now its every few seconds.

Is there anything I can do ?

Currently cant work.


What happened last week (since when it changed), please?

Nothing, no new plug ins, no OSX update.

Same system for the last year, i dont like to make changes.

Update- I loaded up Cubase 13, and i had the same issue.

No replies for 6 days ?


I’m sorry, this is not official support, this is user forum…

I have no idea at this moment. I would try to observe the Activity Monitor, if any repetitive activity comes in when the drop-out happens.


Cubase is maxing out the activity mode even when nothing is happening, the same for cubase 13. Every few seconds it drops out for at least a second, cant currently use it.

Ive run out of ideas now, tried everything

Where is the official support ?



Here is the official support.