Regular rhythmic click is superimposed on all playback

Aloha, this is probably a simple fix that I, as a complete Luddite, cannot figure out how to address: I am experiencing a a regular click superimposed upon playback of any track in any project now. (the equivalent of a 16th note at Q=60) I have no clue what triggered this, and, as mentioned above, I have no clue as to how to address it. Uh…help?

Cubase 13, Late-2015 iMac 27, (what else do you need to know?)

Could it be a plugin that’s in demo mode?

Thanks for the reply. Nothing has changed in terms of plugins. Pretty much it went from working, to not working.

Metronome Maybe?

Press the C key on your QWERTY keyboard once. If the click disappears, it was the metronome.

My first thought. Metronome is off…

Even so, plug-ins in demo mode are almost always the cause of these kinds of problems.

Can you try launching Cubase in Safe Mode and set the option to disable all the plug-ins. If the problem persists in Safe Mode then we’ll know the source is something besides a plug-in.

May not be so much demo mode … assume you have solo’d each of the track to find the source of the click. Any number of plug-ins have their own metronome that could be the source. I would look first at HALion/Sonic…

Yup, isolated all tracks, it is consistent across the project.

That seems to point to something on Stereo Out or the Control Room. Any room correction software?

Nope. It literally just started out of nowhere