Rehearsal letters change location

Please tell me how to move rehearsal letter A from bar 1 to bar 115 for an entire ensemble. Might be me but I cannot find a how to in Steinberg Help. Thanks.

it is quite easy to achieve: open the main score in Write Mode, select and delete the rehearsal mark at bar 1, the go to bar 115, select it’s first note and create a new rehearsal mark at that point.

Worked just as you said. I copied the A, deleted the A and then pasted A on the first beat of bar 115.
This is a big work and has letters through Z, which remained linked to A bar 115.
To prove the link, I selected A and with the right arrow on my Mac M1, stepped throught A-Z and with the left arrow
stepped back to A. Thanks so much.

If you select the Rehearsal Mark and open the Properties Panel, you can customize it there.

you will also notice, that Dorico will give any new Rehearsal Mark a new Letter (the next in the alphabet) automatically.
By default it will always start with the Letter A and then follow through the alphabet.
This behaviour you can of course customise.

Write Mode>Select Rehearsal Mark>Rehearsal Marks in Properties Panel are greyed out. How to activate them?

Properties are context-sensitive. If you have anything else selected, like a note or slur, you won’t see rehearsal mark-specific properties. You must only select rehearsal marks to see rehearsal mark properties.

Good to know. But my question remains as I have only selected one rehearsal mark, A.

Activate with the small buttons if you want to change something.


Click the slider to activate properties. Additionally, Write mode only contains properties you can set in Write mode. Engrave mode also includes Engrave mode-specific properties, which tend to relate to items’ graphical position or more details about their appearance etc.

(PS I remember this project now – I would still recommend trying a smaller staff size so 2 systems can fit per page, based on the ensemble size, and seeing how that looks. It won’t feel as stretched vertically and you’ll obviously fit the music onto a lot fewer pages, especially if it’s still over 400.)