Rehearsal mark above tempo mark?

I have a situation which require a rehearsal mark and tempo direction in the same bar. By default it look like this:
However, since I’m using a long text “Chorus 1”, instead of one letter for the rehearsal mark, I’m afraid it might be a little unclear that “Straight” is relating to the beginning of the same bar.

I looked through the relevant section in the engraving options, but found only this:

Is there a way to accomplish this? (Preferably without manually tweaking the alignment in engrave mode)

Apparently that works if I add “text” instead of a tempo mark, but that way I lose the consistent font with the other tempo marks, and doesn’t seem like I can select it from the presets, and creating one should be done via “paragraph font styles”, which is for some reason separate from the regular “font styles” modal.

Yes, Paragraph Styles are different to Font Styles… I’m not sure of the reason but it will be a good one.

I just created my own Tempo Text font in Paragraph Styles and it seems to look identical to the regular tempo font. When entering the text, you just need to press Shift-Alt-X (for system text) and then select the name of the font etc.

It seems pretty easy to me but I might be missing something.

That’s the best workaround I found so far, but it’s not an ideal solution.

What’s the difference between Shift-Alt-X and Shift-X? I couldn’t spot any

The Alt makes it system text (applies to all players) rather than staff text.

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