Rehearsal Mark Alignment Issue in Dorico 4.3

Hi folks – I’ve been having a bit of a weird issue where if I change my rehearsal mark font to anything that isn’t Academico, the alignment guides shift upwards from the text baseline. To illustrate, here’s a screenshot of the alignment guides when the rehearsal mark font is set to Academico:


And here they are again with the font changed to Crimson:


This is reproducible on any empty Dorico project.

I know this is an oddly specific and nitpicky issue, but the Dorico 4.3 update has messed up my rehearsal mark alignment on scores I created with Dorico 4.2, and correcting that alignment manually has been made more cumbersome since the alignment guides are now slightly off. I don’t really want to change my rehearsal marks back to Academico while keeping the rest of my score on Crimson – it creates a subtle but annoying inconsistency with all my parts. Wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to fix this?

This is due to the change in Dorico 4.3 to allow rehearsal marks to be drawn using a paragraph style rather than a font style, so that they can be shown at different sizes relative to the staff in full score and part layouts.

The actual vertical alignment of the rehearsal mark relative to the text is correct, though it is annoying that the crosshair is not always in the right spot for every font. You should certainly be able to continue using Crimson for your rehearsal marks, though: the alignment relative to the tempo mark is fine, though you might want to adjust the padding values in Engraving Options for the enclosure.


Oops, I forgot to reply – thanks Daniel, that makes a lot of sense. I did notice the vertical alignment was correct, but in some cases the alignment was off from the tempo text by quite a large amount, and the misaligned crosshair made it more cumbersome to correct. Funnily enough, it actually seems to be in the same consistent wrong spot for every font (aside from Academico), including system fonts like Times New Roman and Arial. Wondering if you’d be able to look into this at some point? I can deal with it for the time being, but a fix would be fantastic if possible since it wasn’t broken in Dorico 4.2.

Hope I’m not being too pushy! For the record, I do really like the new update, particularly now that the bug with trill auxiliary notes in condensed scores has been fixed :smiley: