Rehearsal mark / tempo / system text collision avoidance and staff spacing

I have a rehearsal mark at the beginning of a new section as well as system text and a tempo indication as you can see in the attachment. I know I can adjust the position of these three elements in engrave mode as well as tweak the staff spacing.

  • Is there a more convenient alternative to manually adjusting the full score and all 18 parts?
  • If I manually adjust these elements, will the adjustments survive the addition or deletion of bars to the music?


It looks to me like your metric modulation has a very tall line height, which suggests you’re using Bravura rather than Bravura Text: I suggest you edit that text item to use Bravura Text. However, there’s no good way at the moment of forcing something to move over to the right by default except to attach it rhythmically at the correct position, which might be acceptable in this case. Another possibility would be to switch off the collision avoidance for the text item via Properties, but you would still need to move it in Engrave mode.

This post was got me to where I am today.

I am using “Music Text” as suggested. What else do I need to do to get Bravura Text instead of Bravura?

That should be sufficient. If you want to attach a snippet of your project I could take a look.

I think Dorico makes some weird default staff spacing, especially in parts, just look at att. Can it be because I, too, haven’t used the Bravuro text (I have used Academico)?

No, I don’t think so. Could you attach the project itself so we can take a look and see what might be up with it?

I’ve worked it out with a lot of individual dragging. I’ll come back when it happens next time.