Rehearsal marks (and other system text) not on top ?

Dear fellow Doricians,
This is a problem I never came across before today… Is it possible not to have any tempo or rehearsal markings on top of my vocal score ? I’d rather have them only on top of the piano (which, of course, is the selection I ticked in Layout options > Staves and Systems), and I cannot find any option anywhere NOT to display it on top…
@ Leo : I did search the forum (and the fm), but did not find the answer :sweat_smile:

No, there’s no way to do this, Marc. You could do the reverse, I think, i.e. have them only at the top and not above the piano, but not only above the piano and not at the top.

Thank you Daniel.
FWIW it is absolutely not clear in the manual — there could be a line that says that, whatever the options chosen, there will be system text drawn on top. And I am not sure to really like this behavior : in a vocal score with many different singers that come and go, having all the system texts attached to the piano is a solution that does work and frees space for stage directions.
Here’s an example of a Puccini vocal score, Ricordi edition.