Rehearsal marks colliding with dynamic signs

Is it possible to set a properties somewhere in order to prevent such collisions as seen in the screen shot?

Have you tried engraving options (command shift E), Rehearsal marks, vertical position settings ?
Since this kind of problem is quite rare, it can be fixed in Engrave mode on an occasional basis (dynamics above are only for vocal staves)…

René, you should find that rehearsal marks automatically move out of the way of dynamics, unless you are dragging the dynamics to that position in Engrave mode. Dynamics will go above a vocal staff by default, so you don’t need to drag them there. It looks to me as if you have got the wrong kind of instrument held by that player: try going to Setup mode, expanding that player’s card, hovering over the name of whatever instrument is being held by that player, and in the menu that appears when you click there, choose Change Instrument, then choose an actual soprano from there.

Daniel, this score is a manuscript paper of Dorico Mixed Choir unaccompanied. And I have of course not moved the mf sign in engrave mode. This is what Dorico made when I simply input the reheamark and the mf on the last 8th note.
I am not here to annoy anybody by making collisions artificially. I am just trying to help showing some improbable things in Dorico.
If you don’t believe me try it yourself or I send you a file. I discovered this problem in another score first. So I decided to try it with a new score and got the same result.

Thanks, René, you’re quite right that rehearsal marks do not avoid collisions with things to their left. This is already on our backlog as something that we need to improve in future.

On a related subject; to me it looks like Dorico by default ‘stacks’ vocal dynamics above playing technique text, rather than shifting the performance instruction to the right of the dynamic. Gould on p.434 shows the usual placement. As a practical example in Dorico - try putting a dynamic together with the technique ‘con bocca chiusa’ on the same note.

That’s correct: with the exception of tempos and rehearsal marks, and hairpins displaced by immediate dynamics (which are not really an exception, since they are the same kind of item), the placement of an item of one kind will never cause an item of a different type to move horizontally.

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